Felony Case Histories

Federal Securities Fraud

My objective is to get your case dismissed or the charges reduced!

United States of America vs. Daniel _______________

Aggravated Assault-Deadly Weapon

Client accused of beating ex-husband with a 6 foot long 4×4 post.
State of California vs. Jessica ______

Federal Structuring and Money Laundering Charge

United States of America vs. William _______________

Client accused of shooting ex-boyfriend – Charge: Murder

State of California vs. Doreen _______________


Client found by witnesses covered in blood spatter while standing over the body of deceased victim.
State of California vs. Gerardo _______________
Result-5 Years Probation

Federal Indictment for manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine

United States of America vs. _______________
Client faced 10 years to life in federal prison
Result- Probation

Client accused of robbery with a gun There was an eye witness.

State of California vs. David _______________
Result-Not Guilty