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Homicide is not always “murder.” Homicide is defined as the “killing of one human being by another human being.” Therefore is is acknowledged that Homicide has a broader definition than murder since it could have been done though a dangerous or reckless incident such as cases of vehicular homicide, or because of negligence. In many homicides, there was no intention to kill another human being, but an accident or incident resulted tragically in a fatality. If you have been arrested and charged with homicide, you are in serious legal trouble. You are often looking at life in prison if convicted, depending upon the details of the case and your prior criminal record. Homicide charges require contacting a defense attorney immediately – before another day goes by.

Your Los Angeles Homicide Lawyer, Jeffrey Williams, is prepared to fight relentlessly on behalf of his clients accused with this serious charge of Homicide, and has proven experience in defending 100’s of local Los Angeles Homicide cases. The know-how and skill of the attorney you choose could prove to be the “make or break” of the case against you. You need an aggressive, no-prisoners-taken trial lawyer to fight on your behalf.

Defending Those Accused of Murder in California

Homicide is the most serious crime you can be charged with. Facing severe penalties if convicted requires you to retain an attorney who is not only experienced, but is a California State Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. At the law office of Jeffrey Williams in Los Angeles, California, we have the experience and certification that clients need when charged with homicide, murder, and manslaughter.

Whether it is you, a family member or a loved one, being charged with murder is the most serious of all criminal charges. It is essential to have a skilled experienced attorney fight for your freedom. Jeffrey Williams has demonstrated that for previous clients.

It is particularly important in a murder case; your attorney has trial experience in murder cases. Attorney Williams has more than 110 felony jury trials and more that 50 murder trials. Along with experience, our firm use and state-of-the-art courtroom presentation which has a powerful effect on the jury as we work tirelessly to represent our clients’ rights and interests in both plea bargain negotiations and trial. As our client, you can rest assured that you will receive exceptional service every step of the way.

From your very first meeting, Jeffrey Williams will be establishing strategies to defend against your charges of manslaughter or murder. Mr. Williams will listen to your side of the story and work with you to develop the strongest defense possible against your charges to maximize victory in your case. You will feel the confidence that Mr. Williams do everything possible to free you from the charges brought against you, and to return you to your family and loved ones.

Attorney Jeffrey Williams will also work to get you released on a reasonable bail so that you can be with family and work while he prepares the case for trial.

For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding a homicide or manslaughter charge contact us immediately.