Pay Per Click Management for Lawyers

Get your Law Practice Moving with PPC!

A results-driven, tightly-focused, Pay Per Click Campaign is the most cost-effective way to grow your Law Practice. If coupled with an SEO-optimized Law Practice Website that is being found “organically” you will be covering TWO critical channels of effective Attorney Internet Marketing.

Putting your legal specialties in front of the people who are searching for them at the exact moment in time that they hit the enter key for their search – is incredibly powerful~!

Getting the most out of Pay-Per-Click advertising seems easy – but it is actually very complex. Hiring a professional PPC Campaign manager will be money saved and clients-booked.

The more-qualified PPC ad agencies only take on the big boys –companies that spend, at minimum, $10,000 per month. Because we offer a well-rounded Attorney Internet Marketing Service, we offer the same competent service and attention to minute detail as the big agencies –BUT with no minimums. We can put you in direct competition with your biggest and most annoying legal competitors. Let’s take some clients away from them!

With packages starting at just $199/month, our PPC Crew does everything it takes to create and manage your Pay-Per-Click Legal Marketing Program.

Why Your Law Practice should have a PPC Campaign

Generally speaking, a law firm’s top priority and reason for being is to increase your client base, find better cases and generate profits while serving the legal needs of your clients. To be in a position to meet any of these goals you need to have your law practice FOUND by those potential clients that you specifically want to target: your legal niche. You need VISIBILITY by that perfect demographic of new clients that needs you – just as you’d appreciate them as new clients. You need a legal Internet Marketing Strategy that promises cost-effective results getting you in front of your precise target audience. Pay Per Click Internet Marketing is a marketing tool that assures that you get exactly what you pay for no matter if you are an unknown new lawyer or a 30-year regionally-recognized veteran.

Advantages of Pay Per Click

The Pay Per Click marketing model is quite potent. The PPC legal marketing programs allows your law firm to target specific keywords –and strings of keywords— that would best be the common denominator of WHAT you do and WHAT your potential new clients are searching for. You know exactly WHAT keywords relate best to your law firm and your law firm’s geography. For example, if you specialize in DUI Defense in Miami, FL, your keywords might be:

  • DUI
  • DWI
  • DUI Defense
  • DUI Attorney
  • DUI Lawyer
  • DUI Law Firm
  • Best DUI Lawyers
  • Miami DUI Lawyers
  • DUI Lawyer Reviews
A well-designed PPC Advertising Campaign can match you to prospective clients geographically by telling the search engines that ANYONE searching for these DUI KEYWORDS in a 20-mile radius of YOUR Miami, Florida law office will see YOURS ADS when these words are searched for. If someone CLICKS on your ad, you pay. If your ad is seen but not clicked – there is no charge. When YOUR ad is clicked, the prospective client is taken to YOUR existing or new Law Practice Website. If the prospective client identifies with you because of your website’s message, hopefully they will call you or, if they are at work or if after business hours, they will e-mail you to set up a consultation.

Our services include researching and identifying the best keywords for your advertising campaign. We welcome your review and input and we want to work with you as a team to be certain that we do not miss anything –yet at the same time– keep your new advertising keywords focused so we will not be shooting too-broadly from the hip either…

So, to recap, the phrase “Pay Per Click” is very meaningful because as each new visitor is linked from the ad they responded to and then CLICKED on YOUR AD – their CLICK took them from the ad directly to your attorney website. You are then charged a fee for that visitor’s one click. The cost of the “Click Fees” vary dramatically depending on your keywords, your legal practice area, the competitiveness of that practice area, the number of other lawyers bidding on the same keywords at that exact moment in time and on and on…

Two contrasting PPC Examples in Los Angeles, CA

PPC Example #1 – A lawyer who had some successes defending homeowners with mold issues from building defects did pretty well with those cases and decided to specialize in Mold Cases. He had a website built just for MOLD. That site is a powerhouse organically because the niche is so focused, but it was decided to go further and be found BOTH organically (for FREE) and additionally in the Sponsored Ad Section (PAID ads) so as to not exclude those prospective clients who never click on organically-found websites.

Either Organic Results –or– Paid Ads – mold is a very narrow legal niche market of Environmental and Real Estate Law –defending those with Toxic Mold in their homes– and there are only 2 other lawyers wanting to get Paid Ads on Google’s PAGE ONE.

Upshot? – Since there are 10-Slots on Google PAGE ONE for Organic Results and another 10-Slots for Paid Results on that same Google PAGE ONE — yet there are only 3 lawyers who desire to be presented there, the CPC (Cost Per Click) will be the rock-bottom minimum for these keywords – about $0.90 per click! A $50 per week budget would get you 50 potential clients visiting your Toxic Mold Website – just from ads!

PPC Example #2 – A lawyer with an office in Beverly Hills (1 of 88 incorporated cities within Los Angeles County) specializes 100% in DUI DEFENSE. Unfortunately, there are 100’s of criminal lawyers who really, really want DUI Clients whether or not they specialize in DUI makes no difference – they are all bidding to have their PPC Ad displayed (hopefully) on Google Page ONE in “Los Angeles.” Like the Mold Lawyer there are still only 10 organic slots and 10 paid slots on Google PAGE ONE.

In fact, that’s one of the contributing factors for such increased pressure to buy their way onto PAGE ONE by the power of their checkbooks. If, for example, there are 60 DUI Websites that are organically-ranked better than yours (for whatever reason) that means that your organically-found site is on Google Page #6 – which means that you are essentially INVISIBLE! Therefore, if there is any chance to have the Internet work for you if you want DUI clients in the heart of the beast (L.A.) – you have NO CHOICE but to use the PPC Model until your site does better or you move your DUI practice a 100 miles north and east to Bakersfield, CA.

The cost of a “click” for DUI is determined by the free market: by an “instant auction.” Let’s assume that there is a woman in LA who was arrested for DUI last weekend and she is looking at her citation after being released from jail and starts to search Google for a DUI Lawyer using the search string: “Los Angeles DUI Attorney…” The very instant she hits her Enter Key, the Google PPC program instantly sees how many lawyers who have PPC accounts want to be found in Los Angeles for those 4 Specific Keywords, and how much all of them are willing to pay for that keyword string. The month I am writing this real-life analogy, the keyword string: “Los Angeles DUI Attorney” averages $100 per click! Yes~! That is not a typo…

Our theoretical 90210 DUI Lawyer is actually a client of ours, and I can assure you that he does not pay a CPC (Cost Per Click) of $100. Many do! He does, however, pay some serious money when compared to our mold lawyer. Because his PPC Campaign is managed by some clever and knowledgeable PPC Campaign GEEKS who design and oversee Law Firm PPC campaigns, he is able to compete cost-effectively in the one of the most hotly-contested regions of the country for far less than the big keyword prices. In fact, our Los Angeles DUI Attorney is actually averaging an affordable $17.60 per click, and as breath-taking as that dollar figure is, when compared to the Mold Lawyer, THAT IS the minimum price of admission when you compete in high-density markets with high-competition practice area such as DUI, Family Law, Divorce, Bankruptcy, etc.

Benefits of a PPC Advertising campaign

The best benefit of Pay Per Click Advertising is that PPC produces immediate results. You can expect to see your Law Practice Website on PAGE ONE of search engine results without the wait of normal search engine optimization techniques to work your website up the charts “organically.” Then, of course, there is that whole demographic of potential clients that only looks at PPC ads – so you should purpose to have some sort of PPC campaign as part of any comprehensive Attorney Internet Marketing portfolio.

Additional benefits of a PPC Advertising Campaign

There are a lot of benefits to a well-run PPC Campaign. Consider Radio Ads, TV ads and magazine and directory ads for a moment. Your ads in such mediums are cast far and wide to 99% of people who have ZERO legal needs. In a moderate-sized region such as Phoenix, AZ, you are blanketing about 2.3 million local residents when there are only about a 1,000 at any given time who could become a client of your law firm. Now look at the PPC model where your ad dollars are never wasted. The PPC model absolutely, positively puts the SEARCHER in touch with the SEARCHED FOR within the geographical limits determined by the lawyer paying the bill.

You are not wasting precious treasure on those who could care less or are never going to commute to visit you. In the Pay Per Click world, you get exactly what you pay for. You can set budgets as small as you wish as you learn the ropes and increase them if the funds that you are spending are adding clientele and cases to your satisfaction. Many of our clients –not in the HUGE metropolitan cities, but certainly in suburbia– budget as little as $50 to $100 per week. In New York City, Los Angeles, or Beverly Hills a $1,000 budget per week is about the minimum – but the legal fees collected are somewhat greater in these dense markets.

PPC Campaigns are Flexible and Adapt to your Schedule

Some of our sole-practitioners and smaller firms call us when they have a jury trial, and we simply “turn off” the PPC ads as potential clients often insist on talking directly with the attorney. Thus the PPC model is flexible. The benefits include setting exact not-to-exceed daily, weekly or monthly spending CAPS, setting days and times of ad display, the ability to “pause” the PPC ads during trials, vacations, or when your plate is just too full, and there are no long term obligations nor contracts.

It is a “smart play” to be BOTH Organically-Found and have a PPC Ad

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the three most popular PPC platforms – and as of August 2011 there are really only Google and Bing as Microsoft purchased Yahoo – so all ads on Bing will also simultaneously be displayed on Yahoo. These 3 Search Engines represent 90% of ALL ONLINE SEARCHES! Yes, there are 100’s of little-know search engines but they are “search-partners of Google, Bing and Yahoo and get their ads from the “Big-3.”

If you are ready to get your message out there on a cost-effective Pay Per Click campaign, we can get you “UP & LIVE” in as little as 48-hours. Our management fees start at $6 per day ($199 / month) which is an incredible deal. That’s it~! The Clicks are charged directly to your credit or debit card.

“The man who stops advertising to save money
is like a man who stops winding a clock to save time.”
–Thomas Jefferson

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